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Music On Hold Files for Network Phone ASP Toggle

CDK provides sample Music on Hold files for use with Hosted deployments. You are welcome to use these royalty-free music files free of charge.

Format for Client Custom Music on Hold

If you would prefer to provide your own choice of music or announcement to be played while callers are on hold, you can create a custom audio file.

All client-created custom Music on Hold files must conform to the following format to work with your hosted Voice system:
You may create audio files as  .wav, .wma, or .3gp format using the following:

* 8-bit sample size
* 8Khz sample rate
* mono
* g711 ulaw format

Note:  CDK limits the maximum wave file size to 10 minutes in length.

Royalty-free Music on Hold files

We are providing you with a phone number to sample the available royalty-free Music on Hold choices. To listen to the samples, simply call 503-946-9866 and follow the voice prompts to listen to each sample. Samples will play for a maximum of 15 seconds; you are then reverted to the main menu.

Refer to the table below for a summary of the menu options. Click the file name to download the WAV file.

Menu Music Description File Download
0 Piano BroadWorks Default Music on Hold File
1 Classical Guitar Classico
2 Country, selection 1 Nashville
3 Country, selection 2 Rising Star
4 Easy Listening, selection 1 Once Upon a Good Day
5 Easy Listening, selection 2 Summer Journey
6 Smooth Jazz Oceanside
* Repeat Menu

Important Note

In the unlikely event you do not want any Music on Hold then a silence.wav file must be loaded so the system will be sending silence while on hold.

If Music on Hold is not configured or if it is removed, calls are dropped at 3 minutes while on hold or park.